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Parasound 275 v.2

The Parasound NewClassic 275 v.2 is a high fidelity two channel power amplifier. A new classic in every sense of the word, the Parasound 275 v.2 is the most compact member of Parasound's NewClassic line of high end home theatre and two channel audio products.

Parasound 2125 v.2

The Parasound NewClassic 2125 v.2 is a high fidelity two THX Ultra2 certified channel power amplifier. Building on the foundations of the compact 275 v.2 is with it's THX Ultra2 certification distinctly both a high end home theatre and two channel audio product. The Parasound 2125 v.2 is more conventional in look and feel than it's slim-line counterpart, but as you'd expect it is reassuringly unconventional when it comes to what it can do and how it also performs.

Parasound 200 Pre

The Parasound New Classic 200 Pre represents a new generation of affordable, high performance audio products from Parasound. At the heart of the 200 Pre is an all analogue signal path which includes analogue bass management with high and low pass outputs. The 200 Pre has connections for just about any source including an MM/MC phono input, home theatre bypass, USB, Coax, optical and a front panel Aux with an automatic 12dB gain. The built in DAC can handle up to 24/192khz so high resolution music is handled with ease. The input level matching feature (offset) ensures all of the sources to play at the same level. The front panel LCD display allows the input names to be changed and provides for easy control. The back light remote provides adjustment for bass, treble, subwoofer trim, subwoofer on/off and balance.

Parasound P6 preamp

Halo by Parasound, our premier product line, marks a new standard for sound and style. Every Halo model has earned an unprecedented number of rave reviews from the top critics in the audio / video industry.

Parasound A23+

Parasound already brings listeners heavenly sound, but its halo now shines more beautifully than ever with its brand new version of the Halo A 23 two-channel power amplifier. Meet the Halo A 23+ and enjoy performance upgrades for cleaner, ultra-low distortion sound, revised front panel cosmetics, and a revised rear panel layout offering enhanced features, too.

Parasound 2250 V.2

This amplifier is the final part of the armoury within Parasound's NewClassic range - and fittingly it is a suitably 'Big Gun' to be the pinnacle of this esteemed range. This exceptionally rugged amplifier is equally capable of driving high performance speakers in a home theatre, an audiophile’s dream stereo system, or long chains of in-wall and ceiling speakers.

Parasound P 7

The Parasound Halo P 7 is the perfect product for those wanting the best of both worlds - discerning home theatre and the most desirable stereo, as it will satisfy the most demanding two-channel audio purist who may also enjoy multichannel music and movies. It is both a two-channel and a 7.1-channel analogue pre-amplifier with outstanding performance and an easy-to-use interface. For serious listeners who wish to use the Parasound Halo P 7 in conjunction with their digital home theatre surround system we provide a volume control bypass mode. A sub-woofer output with analogue bass management enables your sub-woofer to be operational with two channel analogue sources.

Parasound Hint6 Halo integrated amplifier

Parasound's award winning Halo Integrated Amplifier would seem to be an impossible act to follow. But Parasound's new HINT 6 is an improved version of the acclaimed Halo Integrated Amplifier. After the original Halo Integrated Amplifier was introduced, it quickly became known as "HINT" in the Parasound community, and that name is now adopted in the new model as the HINT 6.......... The amazing sound quality and musicality of the original Halo Integrated (HINT) carries on in the HINT 6. The new model features a Burr-Brown volume control with easy-to-read front panel display. It also adds an upgraded USB receiver with plug-and-play functionality for Windows and Mac, a second optical input, increased phono gain, greater channel separation, and some pleasing refinements to its appearance.

Parasound JC3 plus

Only recently on the market, the Parasound Halo JC3 is already a hot topic! In a permanent quest for perfection, the manufacturer has upgraded its benchmark product. It has been renamed as JC3 + (Plus!) ...

Parasound A21+

Parasound has announced a more-powerful "plus" versions of their best-selling A 21 and A 23 power amplifiers that were in continuous production since 2003. The new Parasound Halo A 21+ and A 23+ employ higher-capacity power supplies to increase output from 250 to 300 watts and 125 to 160 watts respectively.

Parasound JC 2BP

For more than twenty years Parasound has been a name synonymous with unequaled value. Their electronics are respected for both performance and reliability, and compete with significantly more expensive products. Modestly priced, previous offerings have changed common perception about the level of performance that can be achieved at the price point. With the introduction of the Halo line, Parasound looks to bring the same level of value and performance to a more upscale market. The ambitious Halo range spans the gamut from state of the art home theater offerings to high end two-channel audio. For a number of years, the legendary John Curl has worked with Parasound as a consultant. His input has greatly influenced their products and is one of reasons for the praise they’ve received from the audiophile community.

Parasound JC5

The Halo JC 5 is Parasound's new, ultra - high performance, 400 watt per channel, Class A/AB, stereo power amplifier. Parasound are very proud of this latest achievement of Parasound engineering in concert with legendary audio equipment designer John Curl. Parasound's John Curl - designed Halo JC 1 mono block is acknowledged as the ultimate benchmark for amplifier performance and value. Stereophile awarded it 2003 Amplifier of the Year and has honored it as a Class A Recommended Component for fifteen years -far longer than any other audio product. For years, Parasound customers and dealers around the world have petitioned them for an alternative amplifier: a John Curl - designed, Halo stereo power amplifier which would save them money and space. Developing a stereo amplifier in this league was a formidable challenge for Parasound - the kind that they relish. As a consequence - Parasound challenged John Curl to distill the essence of two JC 1 mono blocks into a single chassis stereo amplifier with a more attractive price. As a direct result, Parasound Halo JC 5 stereo amplifier is profoundly powerful and supremely musical. John Curl’s signature appears discreetly on its front panel honoring his considerable role in its development. The Parasound JC 5 will delight the ears and wallets of serious audiophiles and music lovers alike. With exquisite performance and compelling value, the Parasound JC 5 is the new amplifier benchmark.