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Tara Labs RSC Prime M1 Speaker Cable

The RSC Prime M1 Speaker cable is a design concept taken from the RSC Air series speaker cable. The M1 speaker cable is the only speaker cable in the 'M' Series™ to use frequency tuned RSC Gen 2 conductors. The conductors are arranged using TARA Labs' Helix Array® around a very special blend of poly/organic material. This unique material exclusive to TARA Labs offers flexibility with increased tonal accuracy, detail and transparency not otherwise possible with lesser flexible materials.

Tara Labs TL-101 Audio Cable

Yet another familiar design philosophy, the TL-101 uses the same high quality materials for this unshielded Solid Core twisted pair of frequency tuned SA-OF8N copper conductors. The sound is smooth, accurate, neutral and open. Definitively better than OEM supplied cables.

Tara Labs TL-2/14 Speaker Cable

The TL-2/14 features 2-14 AWG conductors each (+) and (-) conductor path consisting of seven SA-OF8N® "Pressure Grouped" solid core copper conductors. Each conductor run is finished by extruding a thin layer of SVPE™ primary dielectric. The TL-2/14 delivers live sound with solid bass, smooth highs and increased clarity.

Tara Labs RSC® Prime M2 Audio Cable

A multiple of small Polyethylene tubes are grouped together with the positive and negative conductors around the center tube. The Prime M2 (at 16 pF per foot) is revealing enough to have excellent resolution of fine detail, but the design and arrangement of the Polyethylene tubes creates an interconnect cable that is slightly balanced more towards musicality and smoothness in the extreme high-frequencies......./ .6M $450.00

Tara Labs Rsc Prime M1 Audio Cable

A simple helix arrangement of fine Teflon and Polyethylene tubes are grouped together with the positive and negative conductors around a larger center tube. The larger center tube is the determining factor in the capacitance and the overall sound of the interconnect cable. The Prime M1 (at 14 pF per foot) is an unusually open and revealing interconnect cable that is also well balanced between musicality, smoothness and resolution.

Tara labs RSC® Prime™ M2 Speaker Cable

The RSC® Prime M2 is a traditional stereo loudspeaker cable, using the Gen 1 Rectangular Solid Core® conductors. This design uses 2 of the Gen 1 conductors for the positive run, and another 2 Gen 1 conductors for the negative run. The RSC® Prime M2 delivers clean and dynamic bass frequencies with a very open and natural sounding mid-range that is well extended into the high-Frequency ranges...... The RSC Prime M2 cables use SA-OF8N copper conductors. (Super-Annealed, Oxygen-Free, Mono-Crystal, Frequency-Tuned, 8-Nines-99.999999% copper conductors) All cables have: hand-polished conductors and are handmade per order in Ashland, Oregon, USA. The RSC Prime M2 - is lifetime guaranteed. The cables arrive in a Mylar static bag, inside a TARA Labs box.