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Vincent Audio - SP-331

The SP-331 boasts a power delivery of 150-watts-per-channel at eight ohms, and a full 300-watts-per-channel at four ohms. That means you harness plenty of 'oomph' for the full effect of realistic orchestral crescendos and complex music passages. And when added to a home theater system, the SP-331 is pure audio dynamite for film scores and special effects. You can't do better than a hybrid circuit design when it comes to appealing audio performance. The SP-331 offers the best of both vacuum tube and solid state technology. The input stage relies on two 6N16 tubes for liquid, effortless sounding audio. The output stage gets its muscle from six Toshiba transistors per channel. A mighty power amp requires a titan of a power supply, and that's exactly what's on tap with the Vincent. Its precision-designed oversize toroidal core transformer of 1,000-watts x 2 offers energy storage capacity of 80,000 µF per channel. In fact, the power supply will even accommodate speaker loads of two ohms without any difficulty. Two pairs of high-quality speaker binding posts give you bi-wiring options. The rear panel also includes a connection for the included IEC-style power cord, one pair of unbalanced RCA-style inputs, and a replaceable fuse. The words 'no nonsense' and 'luxurious' usually don't go together, but the Vincent SP-331 power amplifier is a rule breaker. Thanks to German engineering, the look and sound are clean as a whistle. And the price is far less than you would expect to pay for a component of this high quality.

Vincent Audio - CD-S1.1 Hybrid

At Vincent further development means striving for the optimum.The CD S1.1 is representing this goal. Manufactured with Hybrid Technology the audio signal passes through a 6N16 valve. It employs 24 Bit/96 KHz Burr Brown DAC, special audio analog circuitry (GIC Low passport filter) with an oversized power supply.

Vincent Audio SV-227 Stereo Integ Amp 100x2

The latest findings in valve technology and in the area of circuitry design have been put to use here. Once more a full amplifier of outstanding quality has been created which knows no equal in terms of value for money either. Hybrid technology from Vincent means the sound of a valve coupled with the power of a transistor.

Vincent Audio SV237 Stereo Integ Amp 150w x2

The preamplifier section was fitted in the second stage with 6N1P tubes. The greater voltage level provides better signal stability. This results in a higher spectral purity of the signal which causes a further improvement in fine detail in the sound. Here, the tube-like musicality is maintained and an analytical coldness never comes in the sound. Another advantage of the improved circuit design is a greatly improved signal to noise ratio. It results in an excellent playback quality also on high efficiency speakers such as the Impulse series of Dynavox: Noise was once. Enjoy explosive live performance as a result of excellent dynamics. Moreover, the volume control has been finely adjusted. Thus, the volume level can be set precisely using remote control.

Vincent Audio CD-S7 DAC

The successor to the incredibly popular and acclaimed CD-S6 MKII, the CD-S7 DAC includes a vacuum tube output stage for rich and warm sound. This latest iteration of the popular CD-S7 adds an onboard DAC. You can now take advantage of the glorious ‘Golden Age’ analog sound processing of this vacuum tube hybrid player with your PC and other digital sources. The CD-S7 DAC accepts digital signal via optical, coaxial, and USB inputs.

Vincent Audio - SA-31

Tube Sound and Transistor Power The hybrid vacuum tube and solid state design of the beautiful Vincent SA-31 line stage preamplifier lets you have it all. It delivers the luxurious sound that can only be obtained with finely-made vacuum tube equipment as well as the power associated with solid state designs, including speed, reliability, and control. That's a difficult combination to beat, especially once you factor in the affordable price. "The SA-31 is a very good preamplifier that... gives listeners a significant taste of the sound of higher-priced equipment," reports Chris Martens in the August 2007 issue of The Absolute Sound magazine. "The SA-31 produces a rich, seductive sound, whose signature characteristic is a midrange that is dynamically alive and leans just lightly to the warm side of neutral. Pure 'Class A' Output Stage The vacuum tube output stage of the SA-31 uses a unique proprietary design configuration with a short signal path to create a delicate and detailed soundstage. For best sound quality, the output stage operates in pure 'Class A.