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AURUM BASE VIII Center Speaker

With the AURUM ORKAN, WOTAN, ALTAN and MEGAN, you have many ways to assemble a multi-channel speaker system with a modern, minimalist design. And the AURUM BASE VIII joins them as the visually and acoustically perfect centre speaker that adapts flawlessly to the others in a sophisticated living environment. Thanks to AURUM Premium technologies, the AURUM BASE VIII shines with its spacious, precise representation, which will provide great joy for years to come. Instead of being ventilated (bass reflex), its casing is closed. Above all, this improves reproduction of deep male voices.


TITAN is the name of a range of speakers that continually bring new dimensions to the listening experience and has done so for longer than 30 years. The characteristics inherent in every TITAN speaker are the merging of traditional and innovative technologies as part of the continual advancement in the world of sound quality. More than ever before the new, highly impressive TITAN VIII embodies the claim of its designers – to create a speaker that is as close to ideal as possible.. The TITAN VIII, which is accomplished in both style and tone, is now thrilling experts as well as HiFi experts, who are heaping praise on the eight generation of our TITAN range. The new TITAN speakers have attained an overwhelming high-end platform with previously unobtainable clarity, detail and acoustic colours together with sheer, unthinkable dynamics and unequalled sovereignty. Its musical intensity and fervour are both extraordinary and poignant.............ON DISPLAY COME AND LISTEN

18999.00 24999.00

Turning home cinema into a festival of film. For the ultimate home cinema experience, turning sounds into intense feelings and emotions is what the BASE PRESTIGE VIII-R will do - all day, everyday. A truly astonishing level of listening pleasure comes from this center speaker delivering captivating dialogue and, as you'd expect from quadral's AURUM series, it defines the truest audio reproduction. Whilst you enjoy the exemplary build, finish and experience, behind the scenes is a level of technology and engineering refinement second to none. The success and formidable performance from this speaker is all based on the superb TITAN tweeter, working in conjunction with a sophisticated frequency separator with runtime correction, which you'll appreciate regardless of where you sit.

AURUM ALTAN VIII Bookshelf Speakers

Musically an undisputed talent and technically a superb piece of engineering with a masterly finish: that's the new ALTAN from quadral. Its unadulterated reproduction of the fundamental tones is down to the quadral ALTIMA® diaphragm, made from a compound of aluminium, titanium and magnesium. And the high trebles come over exceptionally accurately and effortlessly thanks to quadral's new ribbon tweeter. The crossover network gives this duo precisely the support it needs to make music with unequalled homogeneity and vitality. The ALTAN can handle even really high levels of volume, and the sound it generates is what you'd normally expect from a bigger unit.

AURUM ORKAN VIII 3-way Pressure Chamber/ Tower Speaker

No one who is impressed by our AURUM TITAN, VULKAN and MONTAN technology, but has less space in the listening chamber or living room, needs to do without the superb characteristics of our premium upright speakers.Like the three larger models, quadral’s AURUM ORKAN VIII intricately combines bass reflex and pressure-chamber technology for rich, clean bass. With a frequency range up to 65 kHz, it brings a radiant sheen to all DVD audio and SACD software and is based on innovative technologies like quadral’s ALTIMA® and ribbon tweeters. Intricate frequency separating filters and bi-wiring terminals with gold connectors round out the technical profile of this gem of sound. For its size, its performance capabilities are incredible: a 160-watt nominal capacity and 250 watts of music muscle leave power to spare amidst high dynamics. The AURUM ORKAN VIII makes the case for its unique character as either a stereo unit or a front speaker in a multi-channel system. Its available colours include high-gloss lacquer in black or white, as well as genuine wood veneers.