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Cary Audio

The SL-100 preamplifier combines the desirable attributes of low noise, low distortion and ease of use, making it an excellent preamplifier choice for your home audio system. This preamplifier offers a XLR balanced input and multiple RCA single-ended inputs making it a flexible design. The adjustable brightness front panel display shows current settings and volume levels during use. The SL-100 has its own power supply and offers outstanding musical reproduction using

USD 1995.00
Cary Audio

The CAD 211s employ a big pair of 845 output tubes run in push-pull class A to 70 watts, class A1 to 110 watts and beyond, with zero feedback. The driver tubes are a pair of 300Bs, the input tube is a single 6SL7, current source tube is a 6CA7, and there is a 1629 "cat’s-eye" tube on the front panel for power indication. 4-,8-,and 16-ohm speaker connections are provided. A detachable power cord, single-ended and balanced inputs, a brightness control for the cat’s eye, standby and power switches are all provided. The power transformer has a 300 percent duty cycle and is impregnated with silicon wax to eliminate vibration. ON DISPLAY COME AND LISTEN........

USD 21995.00
Cary Audio SLP03

The SLP 03 combines the desirable attributes of low noise, low distortion and ease of use making it an excellent preamplifier choice for your home audio system. This stereo vacuum tube preamplifier offers one XLR balanced input pair and six pairs of RCA single-ended inputs making it a very capable preamplifier. The adjustable brightness front panel display shows the current settings and volume levels during use. The SLP 03, when combined with a power amplifier is capable of outstanding musical reproduction using your favorite music.......ON DISPLAY COME AND LISTEN.......

USD 2395.00
Cary Audio SA-200.2

The SA-200.2 is a two channel power amplifier rated at 200 watts per channel into an 8 ohm load and 350 watts per channel into a 4 ohm load. The rear panel has XLR and RCA inputs and a remote turn on trigger. Quiet, low distortion operation with unmatched reliability. ON DISPLAY COME AND LISTEN.......

USD 3995.00
Cary Audio Model 7.125

The Model 7.125 is a seven channel power amplifier rated at 125 watts per channel into an 8 ohm load and 190 watts per channel into a 4 ohm load. The rear panel has XLR and RCA inputs and a remote turn on trigger. With its power output it is capable of driving most multi-channel speaker systems. Quiet, low distortion operation with unmatched reliability.PREAMP C12 NOT INCLUDE IT .PRICE $5000.00 ON DISPLAY COME AND LISTEN....... ALSO AVAILABLE MODEL 7.250 7X250 WATTS $8350.00

USD 3995.00
Cary Audio AIOS

AiOS is a new kind of music system for a new generation. What does that mean? Simply put, music lovers and audiophiles alike have many more choices today when it comes to how they listen to music. As a music system with 150 watts of Class AB power, AiOS combines sources and inputs designed around this new age. Connect AiOS to your home network (Wi-Fi or Ethernet) and stream all of your digital music stored on your networked computer(s) or NAS drive(s) with simple plug N play UPnP, DLNA, and SMB connectivity. Also, available through your home network connection are integrated internet music streaming services, Spotify, TIDAL, and others being added. For those that may find a home network connection too intimidating, AiOS allows you to insert a SD Card into the front SD Slot. You can also use a USB flash drive or USB hard drive loaded with digital music files directly to AiOS’ three USB-A inputs, all without a computer or network connection for direct playback! How about Bluetooth? Today, Bluetooth is ubiquitous and AiOS can certainly connect to your smartphone or tablet using the latest Qualcomm aptX© Bluetooth technology. However, AiOS has an extra trick up its sleeve. AiOS can SEND any of its selected sources to Bluetooth enabled headphones or speakers for a completely wireless music system. Place AiOS anywhere to add beauty and elegance to any room or décor and don’t fuss over unsightly wires when paired to a set of Bluetooth enabled speakers.

Cary Audio SLI-80

integrated amplifiers 80 watts per channel in Class A/B ultra-linear mode, push pull amplifier design, 40 Watts per channel in Class A Triode mode, stereo integrated amplifier, 3 stereo input pairs, sub woofer preamp output, black steel chassis, KT88 output tubes. Standard with remote volume control, has 4 or 8 ohm speaker impedance switches, headphone jack, triode or ultra-linear mode switches and oil filled capacitors. Black anodized aluminum front panel.......ON DISPLAY COME AND LISTEN.......WOW

USD 4495.00
Cary Audio Cinema 12

The Cinema 12 adds new technological advances in cinema audio to take your home theater to the next level. Four HDMI v1.4a inputs are included to take advantage of advanced features of new displays and players. The Cinema 12 supports most 3D formats, 48-bit deep color, audio return channel, Ethernet channel, and CEC power on/off features. Utilizing the Cirrus Logic CS49700 series chipset and HDMI v1.4a, the Cinema 12 has the ability to properly decode and playback both the raw bitstream and lossless linear PCM signals from the latest high resolution formats, including Dolby True HD, Dolby Digital Plus, DTS-HD High Resolution Audio, and DTS-HD Master Audio. To increase audio performance beyond that of the Cinema 11a, the Cinema 12 offers the very latest Burr Brown 32 bit/192 kHz surround DAC chips for the most impressive surround separation and steering, and the most accurate audio decoding. The Cinema 12 has the ability to set separate Listener Profile speaker settings for playback of Music and Movies. The Cinema 12 uses the best available components in the audio circuit, resulting in extraordinary sound quality, which is a trademark of Cary Audio Design products. The Cinema 12 also contains an HD radio tuner for the highest resolution signals from FM broadcasts. Add to this an all new programmable remote and without question, the Cinema 12 is the highest performing home theater processor available today. ON DISPLAY COME AND LISTEN....... cinema12

USD 5000.00
Cary Audio CAD 120S MKII

The stereo vacuum tube power amplifier has a great history at Cary Audio Design. The previous generation CAD 120S, Rocket 88R, and V 12R power amplifiers garnered fantastic reviews for stable power output, incredible value for the money and sound quality along with ‘Best Buy’ and ‘Class A’ ratings from magazines and reviewers worldwide. Building on this storied legacy, we are releasing the next generation CAD 120S MKII stereo vacuum tube power amplifier. This innovative stereo power amplifier is rated at 60 watts per channel in triode mode and 120 watts per channel in ultra linear mode into an 8 ohm speaker load. ON DISPLAY COME AND LISTEN.......

USD 5995.00
CaryAudio SLI-100

The SLI-100 is one of the most exotic integrated stereo audio amplifiers available. Within its power range, the SLI-100 displays the operating characteristics of a true "high-end" amplifier. Careful design, parts selection and proper circuit topologies contribute to incredible reliability and enjoyment. The SLI-100 integrated stereo amplifier operates in a Class AB1 mode utilizing a negative fixed bias supply. The KT150 output tubes are configured in push-pull and yield 100 watts/channel of output power. The output transformers in the SLI-100 are the most important component in the amplifier and have been specifically designed by Cary Audio for use in the SLI-100. Negative feedback is derived from the 8 ohm tap on the output transformer secondary. This feedback circuitry is used to reduce the noise floor and improve the speaker damping characteristics. Only 4 dB of feedback is utilized. The phase inverter is a self-balancing split load configuration utilizing the 6SN7 octal base dual triode. The preamplifier circuit is a Series Regulated Push-Pull (SRPP) Class A triode voltage amplification stage direct coupled to the phase inverter. The power supply in the SLI-100 features a 200% duty cycle EI laminate power transformer.

Cary SI-300.2d

The SI-300.2d integrated amplifier is yet another milestone as Cary Audio forges deeper into the new era of sought after premium audio systems. Cary Audio is highly regarded for the rich, warm, yet detailed sound of our components. This includes both analog components and digital components, as we have become a reference standard in both. Combining Cary Audio’s analog preamplifier and power amplifier sound with our spectacular digital section is a natural evolution, and one that is stunning to both hear and see. The SI-300.2d mates a 300 watts per channel stereo Class A/B power amplifier with analog RCA and XLR inputs to a Class A analog preamplifier gain stage. The amplifier itself is biased to run Class A for an extended portion of the power output to deliver that rich, warm, yet detailed sound Cary Audio is known for. The digital section is a chip off our reference products thereby including only the best digital circuit topology, digital to analog conversion process, and technologies like our proprietary TruBit™ Upsampling and OSO™ reclocking features. Digital inputs include; XMOS USB capable of True native DSD up to 256 and PCM/DXD up to 32 Bit / 384kHz, as well as Coaxial (2), Optical, AES/EBU, and aptX® Bluetooth inputs. What’s more, all SPDIF and Bluetooth digital sources offer 10 TruBit™ selectable upsampling or PCM to DSD conversion options. On the analog side, the SI-300.2d includes 4 analog inputs (2-balanced XLR, 2-RCA), with one each of the XLR and RCA inputs offering true Cinema Bypass features. The powerful solid state Class AB 300 watt x 2 stereo power amplifier ensures even the most difficult of loads are tamed while delivering Cary Audio’s famous tube like sound from its solid state output devices. With the SI-300.2d the externals are also something to behold. The center mounted machined aluminum volume control is flanked by a pair of gorgeous analog “Cary Blue” VU meters to the right while the left side text display shows all source information. All this trimmed off by a handsome aluminum frame highlighting its beautiful design elements. Additional features include: a pre/subwoofer output, coaxial and optical digital outputs, IR hand held remote, trigger out, IR sensor input, and Ethernet and Wi-Fi for controlling the SI-300.2d with free iOS and Android apps.

USD 6000.00
Cary Audio CD303T SACD PRO

The CD 303T SACD is a vacuum tube/solid state selectable SACD player. Plays Redbook CDs and upsamples at 44.1, 96, 192, 384, 512, and 768kHz. Internal clocking of 22.5792 MHz in SACD processing mode. In vacuum tube mode, the analog output section utilizes four 12AU7 vacuum tubes as the audio gain stage as well as the output buffer. Can be used as a standalone DAC with switchable inputs for USB (24 bit 192 kHz), RCA, and Toslink. Four PCM1792u DAC chips running in parallel pairs. The output vacuum tubes have a removable panel above them for tube exchange or ‘tube rolling’ without opening the chassis Additional features of this player include adjustable metal cone feet, and vacuum tube and solid state output sections that can be changed through the remote or by a button on the front panel. Other enhancements include a dimmer light control for the display, C-core power transformer, fully regulated power supplies, RS 232 port control for custom installation systems, and HDCD decoding with Cary DSP-300 digital filter. Available with silver or black anodized aluminum front panel......ON DISPLAY COME AND LISTEN....... ON SALE LAST ONE LIKE NEW $4495.00

Cary Audio DMS600

The DMS-600 sets a new milestone for our DMS platform. The DMS-600 is a no-compromise reference level sonic wonder. The DMS-600 is designed for discerning music lovers who demand the absolute best. Built around the flagship AKM4497EQ VERITA DAC chips, the DMS-600 delivers gorgeous clarity and richness with a sense of ease that Cary Audio is famous for. Contributing to its overachieving musicality are anti-resonate feet, heavy duty all extruded aluminum chassis encasement, and anti-RF chassis coating. Capable of native 32-bit / 768kHz PCM and DSD 512, the DMS-600 Roon Ready Network Audio Player is also fully MQA Certified. The MQA decoder includes recent optimization to provide superb rendering up to 768kHz using the AKM DAC. aptX™ has been upgraded to aptX™ HD input and output, making Bluetooth sources capable of high resolution 24- bit / 48kHz. The Bluetooth output allows the audio from the DMS-600 to be sent to Bluetooth enabled headphones or speakers. Connecting the DMS-600 to your wired or wireless home network opens up a new world of musical enjoyment like never before. Easily stream high resolution music from on-board music services like Qobuz (delivering PCM streams up to 24 bit / 192 kHz), TIDAL (Delivering MQA Masters up to 24 bit /384 kHz), Spotify, and vTuner as well as from any network PC, MAC, or NAS drive. Don’t have or desire a network? That’s no problem for the DMS-600 with its direct file playback capability via its integrated SD Card slot and three (3) USB ports for connecting USB hard discs drives for 32-bit / 768kHz PCM, MQA, DSD 512, and ISO (SD Card only) playback.

USD 6995.00
Cary Audio SLP-05

SLP 05 pure balanced preamplifier Full featured, top of the line preamplifier with 2 balanced and 3 RCA stereo inputs, CINEMA BYPASS, tape monitor loop, vacuum tube preamplifier featuring (8) 6SN7 vacuum tubes. Vacuum tube head phone power amplifier section built in. Matching external heavy duty power supply with 5AR4 vacuum tube rectification includes front panel voltage and bias meters for the power supply. Standard with remote volume control. Jaguar Anthracite Black clear coat steel chassis and silver anodized aluminum front panel are standard. ZERO feedback design.......ON DISPLAY COME AND LISTEN.......

USD 8995.00