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Russound CA4-KT1

Share your music anywhere in your home, at the touch of a button. Engineered for elegance and flexibility, the CA4 Multizone Controller Amplifier makes enjoying your music throughout your home an affordable luxury. For system control, the CA4-KP keypad lets you select between four sources and adjust bass, treble and loudness. It also provides selection for source grouping, all on, all off, and party mode. The keypad features green backlighting, and includes an IR receiver and IR confi rmation through an LED status indicat

Russound KT1-C5

The C-Series multiroom system offers advanced features that make enjoying your musical experience even easier. Party Mode allows you to control the music and volume in every zone from one zone using a shared source. Source Linking connects multiple zones to the same source while allowing independent volume and on/off control, for when you want your music to follow you throughout your home. Zone Linking provides control of multiple zones by one or more keypads, perfect for open concept homes.

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Russound KT2-C5

Russound's c-series multizone kit provides a powerful, scalable and intuitive means to control and enhance your multiroom audio experience. the kt1-c5 kit includes a mca-c5 multizone controller amplifier, six mdk-c6 multiline display keypads and a src-c5 system remote control. russound's c-series system provides a powerful, expandable and intuitive means to control and enhance your multiroom audio experience. the mca-c5 multizone controller amplifier, mdk-c6 multiline display keypads and a src-c5 system remote control provide complete control of up to eight system zones and sources. custom audio settings, party mode, do not disturb, source and zone linking, and all on/off participation are standard features. incorporated in the mca-c5 is a system clock with an alarms and sleep timers, home theater trigger, routed and common ir outputs, and eight 12vdc trigger outputs. source eight can serve as a paging input and loop output for connection to a third party paging or phone system.

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