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van den Hul The Name

The NAME is ideal for use as audio interconnect in any situation, like wiring your home theater setup or going from CD player to amplifier. Sheer sound quality! Due to its accurate 75 Ohm standard transmission at high frequencies, The NAME however is also perfect in AV applications like antenna/cable TV, video, surround and S/PDIF digital audio connections. Trouble free and lasting high performance! .8m

Van den Hul The D-102 III

Van Den Hul D 102 III Hybrid RCA interconnect is a superb interconnect, available in 0.8m or 1m versions. A new hybrid version of the original D 102 cable, the cable features the same 'Linear Structured Carbon' technology as used in the Van Den Hul Second cable and also 3 layer shielding within its orange-yellow jacket. A balanced design, the D 102 III offers 'giant killing' performance at a relatively modest price. Highly Recommended!

Van den Hul The Orchid

The ORCHID is our first audio interconnect cable to employ our newly developed “Tunnel Technology”: a clever combination of physical concepts which oppose the signal level and frequency dependent behaviour of electrical signal transfer in cables. In The ORCHID only the highest quality materials are used: The purest and most carefully processed dense Silver coated Matched Crystal Oxygen Free Copper conductors. Lossless and extremely stable insulation materials. A rugged HULLIFLEX ® jacket. The cable’s so-called triaxial construction embraces a dense braided 80 strand shield, a similar underlying 48 strand second shield/signal conductor and a solid signal core. The internal insulators furthermore are Linear Structured Carbon ® treated. This has several advantages: - An improved shielding factor against high frequency interference. - Microscale bridging of conductor surface imperfections. - Extra anti-corrosive protection of the conductors. - Avoids cable microphony.

van den Hul The Rock

Constructed from a solid 0.4mm conductor surrounded by 11 thinner strands with a final dual braid shield, the Van den Hul Rock is incredible value for money for the high level of sound performance offered. Using 3T technology which elimenates mechnicl or chemical aging and ensures a consistent performance ofver it's lifetime, the Van den Hul Rock is a superb upgrade for the committed music lover.