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Quad ESL-2805

The ESL-2805 is the smaller of the two models using four panels rather than the six of the larger model. The inner two panels of the ESL-2805s construction, again utilise the concentric anode rings for point source imaging, and the outer rings are again linear in their response. Whilst absolute bass extension and dynamic ability is less than it's larger brother, the ESL-2805 offers a sublime performance. The clarity of mid-range for which the Quad are most famed is fully in evidence, as is the sparkling detail and transparency that has long been the hallmark of this series. Their response characteristics are virtually identical and a base weight of 34.8kg together with the rigid bracing, ensures they are suitably deep in bass and dynamic enough to fill all but the largest of listening rooms. For the Quad aficionado without the need or desire for the additional bass extension of the larger model this, the smaller of the ESLs is still regarded as the pinnacle of electrostatic refinement............. ON DISPLAY COME AND LISTEN

8800.00 10300.00
Quad ESL-2905

The ESL-2905 is the largest of our full-range ESL models. It employs six electrostatic panels, the inner two utilising the concentric rings of anodes used to create the point source image. Whilst all electrodes receive the same music signal, each electrode area reacts slightly differently, such that treble frequencies appear to come from the centre of the speaker. This often leads to the belief that a crossover separates the signals, but this is not the case. The outer panels (three above and three below), are linear panels, the entire surface of each reacting in unison to the signal. The large overall surface area is necessary to provide deep bass extension and dynamic response. Construction is a combination of tensioned aluminium extrusions coupled to stainless steel support structures, with a piano gloss wooden trim. The substantial base construction is finished with piano gloss side cheeks and high-quality terminations. Internally, the highest quality components are used, including rare core transformers and high-grade audiophile capacitors. Three types of protection system are used to ensure the speakers are difficult to damage when over driven. A rigid three-dimensional structural support system, combined with an overall speaker mass of 41.6kg ensures the maximum transmission of sound energy resulting in the most dynamic and powerful Quad ESL ever produced........... ON DISPLAY COME AND LISTEN

12999.95 Boxing day sale 15800.00
Quad 11L2

Following in the footsteps of their famous ESL brethren, the L-Series dynamic loudspeakers offer excellent resolution, tonal neutrality and oustanding stereo imaging. A wide frequency response and incredibly accurate drivers produce a sound stage so vivid and coherent you can visualize each and every sound in three dimensional space. Build-quality is, as you would expect, is superb. Each cabinet is made from reinforced 18mm MDF, with a choice of three real wood veneers. Seven coats of piano lacquer is applied, with each coat drying for a full 24 hours before being cut and polished, ready for the next coat. High quality gold-plated bi-wire terminals and oxygen free internal wiring ensure excellent signal transmission. The range consists of four stereo loudspeakers, and a center channel and subwoofer for AV applications - all with the same excellent performance and build.